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Top 10 of 2018

2018 was a crazy year and we are so grateful we got to share it with all of you! I thought it might be fun to showcase our best sellers for the year with some little tips, tricks, extra uses or broader explanations for each of the lovelies!

#10 – Lil Teeth

Let’s be real. This blend covers not only infants, since it is hydrosol and safe to use topically at any age, but it is incredible for adults too. I’ve grabbed Lil Teeth myself during periods of stress that cause noticeable jaw discomfort due to clenching. I’ve also been know to roll it on a boo-boo if it is handy! Lil Teeth comes alone as well as in the Tiny Duo and Lil Ones Kit (which, BTW was my most given gift at all the baby showers I attended in 2018!).

#9 – Fortify

Whether you’re looking to bust up that nasty bug going around or have something for rotation with Germ Gobbler, Fortify is an aromatic buffet of herbal, citrus and resins. It is the kid safe power-house in our anti-germ line up. Put 10 drops on an aromastick for each kiddo to take to school during the “cold & flu season”!

#8 – Scentsable Health Deodorants

I have to admit this one surprised me…in a great way! We love the simplicity of the ingredients (there are only 3!) in our Scentsable Health Deodorants and the fact that they are kid safe (for our tweens and nursing mommas!). We don’t use baking powder so you won’t get that nasty, itchy rash that some natural deodorants leave. Our blends are created by a trained aromatherapist too, so no chemical burns or nasty after smell. Pick from our 3 great aromas, Outdoorsy, Freshen Up or Under Armer!

#7 – Chill Out

It does it’s job, trust me. At some point I’m going to do a before and after video of this blend’s effect on my 3 year old. This blend is so versatile in our family ranging from stressful homework days, to deadlines, to just plain old waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Chill Out provides support for a body under any type of stress without causing sleepiness or lack of focus. It smells so good and is kid safe (BONUS!). It really does help take the stress away!

#6 – Boogie Buster

Last year after the tragic destruction of the Fragonia fields I decided to reduce, eliminate or stop production of many of the Scentsable Health products that contained it. This sustainably conscious step birthed this beautiful gem of a synergy! Boogie Buster is the undiluted version of two of Scentsable Health’s previous respiratory support blends. Not only is it kid safe but this guy does his job of busting up those boogies! The thing I love most about Boogie Buster is that while it is blended with the intention of clearing and supporting happy airways, it is also blended with the intention of helping support a good night’s sleep…crucial for a happy well-being!

#5 – Stuffed Up

Modified slightly, Stuffed Up has been with the Scentsable Health family for almost 5 years and the love continues! It is an all-out, guns a’blazin synergy that is impactful when the green slime is dripping from your little person’s nose cavity. Stuffed Up is most impactful when diffused and smells delightful.

#4 – Power Pack

This is a collection of the top five germ bustin’, cootie killin’, kid safe synergies from Scentsable Health. It includes 4 other blends in this Top 10 list like Boogie Buster, Stuffed Up, Germ Gobbler and Fortify so you KNOW you can’t go wrong. All in undiluted, 5mL bottles so you can make your own roll-ons (using the dilution chart of course!) or diffuse. The best thing, in my personal opinion, about the Power Pack is that it comes with a laminated Use, Safety & Idea sheet sharing how you can make best use of each blend! It’s so user friendly and perfect for beginners or seasoned essential oil users alike!

#3 – Breathin’ Helper 

As a mom, involved in a lot of social media based “mom groups” I started noticing a trend, especially in the more naturally minded groups I was in. The DIRE need for an organic, respiratory support salve that was effective but also used kid safe essential oils. So I formulated one! Breathin’ Helper is my kid’s favorite. It not only smells great but is a huge support to the respiratory system. Persistent hacking, nighttime nose and throat dripping, stuffy noses, are all greatly supported with this easy to use salve. Also, for my fellow parents out there, this salve also uses essential oils that support restful sleep. You’re welcome.

#2 – Germ Gobbler

Germ Gobbler is one of our first Scentsable Health blends. Formulated for fighting intense yuckies, it smells amazing too. I love diffusing it when I need to give the air in the house a good clearing. Germ Gobbler comes in a 1oz, prediluted roll on (at 1%) ready to use on back or chest. It also comes as Germ Gobbler Complete, a 15mL undiluted bottle that can be used to diffuse (my preference) or to dilute for topical application.

#1 – Great Outdoors Spray 

It really was no surprise that Great Outdoors Spray was our #1 best selling product in 2018. Ever since we started selling this blend, families come back year after year to grab a new bottle of their favorite pest-deterring outdoors spray! Made from kid-safe essential oils that little, buzzing, biting buggers don’t like, Great Outdoors Spray is also available in a DIY Kit, a Beatin’ Bug Kit (shown) and undiluted essential oil synergy.




I always feel so grateful to even be in a place to do a post like this. It’s so amazing to know that there are families out there enjoying and benefiting from these heart-felt and handcrafted aromatherapy synergies and products. Thank you for your continued support of Scentsable Health and our family’s small business. Leave me a comment and let me know what YOUR favorite Scentsable Health product is!

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