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Essential 7 Label
Essential 1 – Stable RootsEssential 2 – Intimate CoreEssential 3 – Power SourceEssential 4 – Whole HeartEssential 5 – Life VoiceEssential 6 – Intelligent IntuitionEssential 7 – Crown Complete2C97EAA1-EBFE-45B6-BD83-F63D3AB95DF0FE94F238-47BB-46D0-A340-1C14BF67DCE6

Essential 7 Collection


Earn up to 73 Scentsable Points.

*Pre-order for this set begins on 5/12. Shipping begins on 5/25*

Essential 7 is the Scentsable Health synergy collection for the seven most important points in your physical and emotional well-being. Each point correlates to a space on your body, a common function of that space and then essential oil blends that support that space. This can be used as a progressive set for intentional practice or simply as a grab and go as you need physical/emotional support! There is no wrong way to use this marvelous collection full of exotic essential oils.

Each 10mL roll on synergy is a pre-diluted in base of organic jojoba oil. Included in the collection is one of our renowned full-color laminates with yoga poses to encourage pause and relaxation, affirmations to encourage mind, body and soul strengthening as well as alternative uses for practical day-to-day use in real life outside of a practice.

When ordering, you have two bottle choices: a traditional amber roll-on bottle ($63 for collection), or a precious stones roll-on bottle with precious stones as the roller part of the bottle ($73 for collection). You can apply synergies to wrists and behind ears for a perfume approach or directly to one of the 7 body points as directed on the laminate!

Essential 1 – Stable Roots:
Intentionally ground your mind, body and soul in this earthy blend of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Patchouli and Rose. You’ll carry yourself with strength and stability! *Alternative uses provided on laminate* Precious stones set includes Hematite roller ball to support grounding, protecting, and harmonizing the mind, body & spirit.

Essential 2 – Intimate Core:
Open yourself to growth in intimacy with this bright blend of Orange, Patchouli, Cardamom and Ylang Ylang. You’ll invest in relationships with yourself and others. *Alternative uses provided on laminate* Precious stones set includes Carnelian roller ball to support mindfulness, courage, vitality, and motivation.

Essential 3 – Power Source:
Trust your gut! The power of listening to it will build your confidence and well-being. Ginger, Spearmint and  steam-distilled Lemon combine to synergistically balance and energize your core. *Alternative uses provided on laminate* Precious stones set includes Tiger Eye roller ball to support balance and energy.

Essential 4 – Whole Heart:

Invest all of you with every thought, word and deed. The world needs your heart, your passions and your power. Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang will support, strengthen and ignite your heart and creativity. *Alternative uses provided on laminate* Precious stones set includes Rose Quartz roller ball to support unconditional love, inner healing and infinite peace. 

Essential 5 – Life Voice:
Calm discomfort and open your throat to release your voice. Roman Chamomile, Spikenard, and Sandalwood combine to powerfully support you whether it is making it through the day or giving a big presentation. *Alternative uses provided on laminate*  Precious stones set includes Sodalite roller ball to support truth, release, and the verbalization of feelings. 

Essential 6 – Intelligent Intuition:
Vision, direction and focus will surge with this synergy of Vetiver, Elemi, Frankincense and Lemon Balm. We are waiting for all the creativity you have to invest. *Alternative uses provided on laminate*  Precious stones set includes Fluorite roller ball to support mental clarity, intuition, and harmony of the mind with the emotions. 

Essential 7 – Crown Complete:
We are waiting for all the creativity you have to invest in the world around you! Remove indecision and complete your purpose with this synergy of Helichrysum, Thyme, Frankincense and Bergamot. *Alternative uses provided on laminate* Precious stones set includes Clear Quartz Crystal roller ball to support energy and amplify intention. 

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Product Description

*Pre-order for this set begins on 5/12. Shipping begins on 5/25*

Ready to use 10ml roll on bottle at  2% dilution.

Precious stones 10ml roll on set come with precious stones as the roller part of the bottle. *see gem roller tops in photo gallery

The stones are:

Essential 1 – Hematite

Essential 2 – Carnelian

Essential 3 – Tiger Eye

Essential 4 – Rose Quartz

Essential 5 – Sodalite

Essential 6 – Fluorite

Essential 7 – Clear Crystal Quartz

Additional Information

Roll on type

Amber roll on bottles 10ml, Precious Stones roll on bottles 10ml


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