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Tiny Troubles Duo

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Teething can be a tough time for a baby and Mama too! Lil’ Teeth is a gentle blend of Organic German Chamomile hydrosol and Organic Lavender hydrosol that may help ease your little one’s teeth and jaw discomfort and give everyone a little rest.

Tiny ears is a popular blend of Tea Tree, Lavender and a soothing carrier that can be easily rolled on behind the ears to help relieve the discomfort of an ear ache while promoting healthy immune function.

Both blends come in a 10mL roll on bottle. Safe for the whole family to use 6 months and above, but not just for the little ones!

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10mL glass roll on bottles
1% dilution.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dark place when not in use. Do not use Lil’ Teeth on the gums, only along the jawline. Do not use essential oils in the eyes or ears at any time. Remember to keep your hydrosol products in the fridge when not in use!

5 reviews for Tiny Troubles Duo

  1. Gina Pergande (verified owner)

    I’ve used this on my little since he got teeth, he’s now 2!! I use both for teething and they have been the only thing to help!!! May I add I also use the tiny ears for head relief? 🙂 the snells are just right, light, calming even. Every parent should have both on hand till age 2!!!

  2. Chris G. (verified owner)

    We call the Lil’ Teeth the magic stick when our 2.5 year old’s Teeth hurt he asks for this product & it’s worked so well for him. Molars are no fun so thank you for making a product we can trust to help
    ease his pain!

  3. Lauren Hoffmann

    Both of these roll-ons are miracle workers! We have never had to give a commercially available OTC med to help with teething discomfort because we have these in our tool kit, instead. I highly recommend them!

  4. Donna Caruthers (verified owner)

    If you have small children, you definitely need this duo set! Worth buying them together versus separate. They have soothed plenty of toothaches and earaches for our family.

  5. Jessica

    These products were very helpful for discomfort when my guy was little. We loved the little ears roll on to help with ear pain. He got tons of ear infections and this helped limit our use of tylenol for pain. We also loved the little teeth roll on which seemed to reduce sensitivity 🙂

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