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Intentional Movement

Many times in my life I have asked where in the 18″ journey between my head and my heart or the 36″ journey between my heart and my hands did a beautiful thing get completed, or lost? We talked about how setting intentions delivers the drive to carry them out but what if that is the easy part. That’s always where the dreamer/innovator in me could live and I’ve often found myself stuck in the movement from internal intention to intentional movement. If you haven’t gone through the post where we discussed how and why to set intentions, I highly recommended reading it before we move into the movement of living intentions. If you set your goals and reasons in other ways and are just joining us for inspiration to get unstuck, or build community, WELCOME! Grab your intention sheets from the first prompt, a new blank sheet of paper, and let’s create some waves!

Challenge Prompt #2:

How the How?


All my 1, 3 and 8 enneagrams are waving their banners and clapping and cheering right now. This is their jam. While it is true some of the movement from thought to action is easier based on your personality, for me, it has always come back to our first prompt “What is my why?”.If my why is weak, movement rarely happens, but if my why is based on a core value I hold myself or we hold as a family, then I will storm the gates.  So let’s make this practical for those reading this that are just now realizing they are sweating and clenching their jaws. Good news for you guys is you get to dream a little more…down to earth.


I love putting on some music that is inspirational (but not distracting, no dance parties yet!) and diffusing something gentle and inspirational like Follow the Star or Mind of Balance. They are both calming and invigorating for me in this part of the process, yet not too stimulating or inspirational that I can’t stay on task and focus. If I need to light some serious fire under something my FAVORITE is the Ignite roll-on from the Yoga Intentions Set. That blend gets me more momentum that I can express right now. IT’s SO GOOD!


It’s important to note that finding the movement of your intention is not carved in stone. Breathe. If you start movement toward your goals and realize you need another step add it. Release the shame of perfectionism and replace it with learning. You are in process, it is ok for your life to be a raw reflection of that.

With your intention sheet in front of you, take your first intention and think about the steps, tools or people you need to involve in the movement of that intention being realized. With all the flowy language removed, plainly said, how are you going to accomplish this. Here is what it might look like for a financial goal to be realized:

Depending on your goal and possible barriers, this may be more detailed or more simple. Over thinkers, shine on! Repeat the journey for each intention you created. Talk to your partner or children. Get them involved, informed and excited about what you are tackling together and maybe even have them be part of this process if they goal has impact or includes them! Kids are especially innovative in process.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tools that Cultivate What Matters offers. The mini-booklets on Finances, Friendship, Marriage, Wellness, and Parenting are INCREDIBLE.


If this process is scary or intense for you, let me introduce you to my friend Emily Ley. Author, mom, business owner and creator of The Simplified Planner, her book A Simplified Life was life changing for me last year. Once you have a track of movement for each of your intentions, you’re done for today. That is how easy it is to set an intention and then to create movement.



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