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GoodScents Spring Blend

One of my favorite times comes once a quarter as I sit down at my blending table and embark on creating a blend for the quarterly subscription box, GoodScents. The journey I take to create these blends is my favorite as an aromatherapist because I can climb out of the box of blending for a physical need and really tap into the artistic side of my craft. It also invites me to blend for my favorite area: emotional and mental support.

Usually I have an idea, a word or phrase, that I want to create in a bottle and share with my subscription friends. The word I got in February was very clear, Awakening. It fits, right? The first quarter of the year holds the magical day where winter becomes spring and the earth begins to awaken from it’s sleep. My desire is that it would be a blend that encouraged us to sit down with our dreams and goals we made in the January Intentions Challenge and awaken new insight, goals, and energize us towards our next steps.

The next step in my blending process for this particular blend is to gather the oils that speak into these words: energize, new insight, awaken, uplift, dream, propel, encourage, unleash creativity. Usually in this part of the process I am sitting again at my blending table with anywhere from 10-15 different oils. For Awakening, I knew I wanted to harness the earthy tones of wet spring earth with the sweet notes of new life and growth. I wanted this blend to have at least one unique oil that many of my subscribers wouldn’t have likely tried. All the oils needed to work together to propel you forward, help you leave the past in the past and start running…literally or figuratively.

After I gathered the oils I thought would fill some of these needs, I started smelling. Combination after combination.






Then I start the blending process. When I am creating in this type of process I like to use the drop-by-drop process. In a nutshell, that means I blend one drop at a time, oil by oil until I create the desired aroma. It is the longest process, but one that really helps me gain exactly what I’m looking for in the aromatic expression of the blend.

Awakening might be one of my favorite GoodScents blends yet. (I also might say that every quarter.) The strength of the blend I was able to achieve is delicately balanced by the light, almost wispy bright notes of the Grapefruit, Rhododendron and Rose Geranium. Basil holds down the herbaceous richness of new plant growth and adds obvious freshness while Nutmeg brings some spice. I decided to use Petitigrain as the earthy note as it also brings a touch of sweetness.

Like all other GoodScents blends, Awakening comes with laminated Safety & Use cards so you know exactly how, when and where to use the blend to safely reap the most benefits. New for 2019, the blend also comes with a laminated Emotional & Mental Support and Body System Support cards! These two cards detail out the intention of each essential oil in the blend and what it brings to the party. The Body System Support card gives you all the physical benefits this blend can offer you outside its emotional/mental support intention. I’m so excited for our subscribers to get this blend! If you’re interested in joining us next quarter be sure to get all the details on the GoodScents Subscription Box page!

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