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Finding the Right Aromatherapy Respiratory Support

It’s that time of year where plugged airways, constant hacking and unhappy sinus’ abound. Whether you’re plagued by dry space or overly wet mucus trying to get out of your system, essential oils can have a huge impact on respiratory restoration and comfort. Let’s take a look at some common respiratory support techniques, their pros and cons and how to decide which is right for your needs. Then we will move into talking about some of the differences in aromatherapy synergies and products! Don’t miss the free recipe below too!


This is one of my personal favorite ways to tackle sinus and respiratory support. I’m an on-the-go mom so aromasticks, also called aromatherapy inhalers, are perfect for take-along application. They also afford me the benefit of private use of essential oils I may not be able to use around my kids or others. I can smell it as often as I need and it lasts about 2-3 months depending on how you store it when not in use and which oils you select. It’s also super cost effective! Aromasticks are great for kids over the age of 5 too. Helpful for aromatherapy support during  school!

Steam Bowl

Steam bowl preparation is very common in families, passed down from generation to generation. This is a great application, without essential oils for dry sinus’ and with essential oils for things like sinus headaches, acute sinus imbalance and goopy airways. The preparation is simple! All you need is hot water, a towel, essential oils and a metal bowl. I usually recommend avoiding steam bowl preparations for kids under the age of 5 to avoid any eye exposure. Some sources say to avoid steam bowls while pregnant because of the intensity of exposure, so that is something to consider as well.


Using essential oils in a diffuser or nebulizer is the most common way to use essential oils in aromatherapy. You get to avoid diluting, a needed step for dermal application, and if you have a smart diffuser you can basically set and go! I love our Jasmine Ultrasonic  diffusers for bedrooms because they turn on for 20 minutes, off for 20 minutes all by themselves. I prefer our Elegant Nebulizer for our general living space with the open floor plan of our home and the added bonus that it also turns on and off in safe diffusing increments. If you need help deciding which is best for you, check out the blog post that helps you break down your diffusing needs! Be sure if using a diffuser or nebulizer, you are regularly cleaning your device according to the manufacturer’s directions. Keeping it clean will give it longer life and help prevent replacing parts. It also helps keep oxidized oils left in the diffuser from being released which can give unwanted side effects like headaches and nausea. Avoid using essential oils in humidifiers or cool mist vaporizers. Most have delicate plastic parts and tubing that will be damaged by the essential oils.


Like a steam bowl preparation, shower use, commonly in the form of shower tabs, is an intense aromatherapy experience that is really helpful when airways are packed to the max. Because of the intensity I would also recommend avoiding this until 5-6 years old at least (with kid appropriate essential oils!).

Here is the recipe I like:

In a bowl, mix the baking soda and arrowroot powder. Add in water until it is a consistency of sour cream. Spoon into the silicone molds and set to solidify in the fridge. Once they are set you can pop them out of the mold and store in the bathroom. As you desire to use one, put 10-12 drops of your desired essential oil blend on the tab and set it in the bottom of the shower.

Pro-Tip: Don’t limit this to just respiratory support! Make the tabs, then use different essential oils or blends that you enjoy (like Good Morning), create an uplifted mind and heart (like Positivity) or help with stress (Take Heart).

Dermal Application 

For my family and I, dermal application happens with about 50% of our respiratory needs. Inhalation is the #1 way to benefit from respiratory support but the Breathin’ Helper Salve is a must have in our family. Dermal application can be super helpful for coughs that bring discomfort and for post-nasal gunk when you’re getting over stuff. Also with kids it is incredibly helpful to be able to put something on them and not worry about being around a diffuser every few hours.

Onto the essential oils…

Now that we’ve covered the most popular aromatherapy preparations to safely support your family when they need respiratory support, let’s go through our most asked question in customer service: how to choose and use the variety of respiratory support blends offered through Scentsable Health.

Breathin’ Helper

As mentioned above, this blend is a must have in our family respiratory support. It is also blended to support sleep which we all know is vital for a happy, healthy family. While it is kid safe, don’t let that keep you from using it as an adult. It is the most effective salve for post-nasal yuck I’ve ever used! Apply to the chest and back and use a small amount, rubbing it into the skin well.


This blend is part of our LineX products and is one of my most favorite blends I’ve ever created. BreatheX is completely unlike any other respiratory support synergy because instead of the intense, sometimes abrasive aromas of Eucalyptus, this blend smells sweet and soft. Don’t let it fool you though, it will pack a PUNCH! Safe for people ages 6+ it is a great blend to consider for the aromastick (this blend even comes with one automatically!), steam bowl or shower tabs! If you don’t have little ones around, enjoy from your diffuser as well.

Boogie Buster

Many of the oils in Breathin’ Helper are also in Boogie Buster, but this blend only comes in an undiluted 5mL form. Perfect for diffusing, shower tabs for kids, or a kids aromastick for on the go use! While all the oils are kid safe, this blend was not balanced for dermal use. Spearmint and Thyme can cause sensitive skin a little irritation so keep it to inhalation or do not dilute above 1%. I love the aromatics in this blend and the oils are strong, yet soft. I use Boogie Buster when I see the first signs of respiratory needs. Parents, you’re welcome, this blend also helps support a good nights rest!

Stuffed Up

This is one of our oldest Scentsable Health blends and I still love it. It is the strongest kid safe, respiratory synergy we offer and is great when yellow or green goop is a flowin’. The little bit of cinnamon leaf in this blend makes it such a pleasant aroma. Like the Boogie Buster, everything is kid safe, but the balance of the undiluted blend was designed for inhalation, not necessarily dermal application. If you chose to use it topically, do not dilute over 1%. While delightful and supportive, this blend doesn’t target sleep support as some of the others do.

Seasonal Irritation Support

If you struggle during allergy season, aromatherapy can be a helpful tool in supporting your body during bouts of respiratory congestion, fatigue, anxiety, or post-nasal drip. Check out our Season Switch and SeasonsX blends as well as these other helpful tips on our blog post Aromatherapy for Seasonal Irritation Support!

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