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Daylight Savings Time Sleeping Tips

I remember when my first time change with my son came around. He was about 7-8 months and sleep was always a challenge as we worked through some food intolerance issues. Little did I know what havoc a seasonal time change has.

“It’s just an hour,” They said. “It will be fine!” They said.

“They” was wrong! We struggled for almost two weeks I think. Who can keep accurate track of time in those periods anyway. He was up at the crack of non-sunlight and (we both were) ready for bed by 5pm. As I’ve progressed in my motherhood journey I’ve picked up some tips to help my family transition that one hour change, twice a year, Daylight Savings Time.

The first thing I do the week leading up to the “day of dread” is to start moving up (or back) our normal schedules. Not the full hour, but in subtle increments of 10-15 minutes. Meals really help gently move your schedule when you have little bellies that operate on food! Same for any regular activities like sleep, electronic time, etc. Just a 10-15 minute shift.  No Fret is my buddy during daylight savings time as my mind isn’t always a fan of all the transition either!

The next thing I do is the day of Daylight Savings Time, right before we put the boys to bed, I move the clock. That way if they wake at night they have the correct time on the clock. Since I’ve made the week before the change shifts to their bedtime, it makes it a fairly smooth transition. Diffusing Mr. Sandman is a LIFE-SAVER! It helps mellow their minds, lull them to restful sleep so consistently, and they LOVE the aroma.

For help with the transitional mornings, I rely on good hydration, healthy big breakfasts they enjoy and aromatherapy for emotional support for all of us. My oldest enjoys the smell of coffee so some mornings we use a little Good Morning in the diffuser as we get ready for our day. Some days, if they grumpy has followed us out of bed I will put on Get Happy and a good playlist to bring everyone back to center.

Aromatherapy is such a great tool for easing into and through DST with your family! **If you’re interested in the essential oil blends mentioned in this post you can purchase them at and come join our thriving social communities on Facebook and Instagram!**

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