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Day 9 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Winter is a beast. Longer nights, shorter days, less time for our skin in the sunshine as the temperatures drop and we bundle up tight or stay indoors. Don’t let the change in seasons put a damper on your mood! Today’s deal showcases some of our best mood-lifting, negativity fighting, sunshine diffusing blends.


Choose two blues busting blends from this list:

Chill Out – a stress-be-gone blend that will chill you to the max, without inducing sleep. Family safe and great to use before all the in-laws arrive to celebrate!

OM-Roma – a bright, earthy blend of Patchouli, Sweet Orange and Bergamot will have you OMMMMMM-ing to a happier space. Feel anger and frustration melt away, being replaced by a feeling neutrality and less anxiousness. Safe for the littles to enjoy with you!

Mind of Balance – will help you get back into a space of equality and focus, while maintaining calm energy. A sweet salute to the famous Nag Champa, this family safe blend will not disappoint and is a perfect pal for some prayer, meditation or quiet time.

Get Happy – does it’s name proud. You’re whole crew will be happy and grounded in no time!

Brighten – is in an aromastick to help you keep your head up, even on the go. Breathe deep from the aromastick and feel negativity, deep sadness and self-doubt melt away. This blend is safe for 10+.

Pick two of those and Summer Breeze is yours for **FREE**. This blend is a simple melding of oils that give a calm, but impactful boost of happiness and postivity.


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