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Day 8 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Send those yuck-o germs packin’! Today you can have some of the Scentsable Health favorites all in one kit PLUS our best-selling respiratory support salve Breathin’ Helper **FREE**!


The Power Pack has been a hit with families since it’s release. Who doesn’t love a pack of family safe blends and a laminated safety & use sheet all in one purchase?! Power Pack boasts all the SH favorites like Fortify, Germ Gobbler Complete, Stuffed Up, Boogieman and Season Switch.

Last week with the launch of LineX – Effective aromatherapy for the 10+ crowd, we also introduced a PowerX Pack for those who don’t need to worry about kiddos or adverse exposure to some of the more potent oils that these blends contain. This pack contains FortifyX, ConnectX, DigestX, HeadMasterX, FocusX and BreatheX along with empty aromasticks and a 1oz roll on bottle (suggested for DigestX) so you’re ready to go, safely in well-being and balance.

As if it couldn’t get better than those two kits our best-seller Breathin’ Helper Salve is a MUST for respiratory support and you get a **FREE** 1oz jar of it with the purchase of either of these kits!


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