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Day 6 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Take your aromatherapy experience on the GO with a **FREE** snap in car diffuser ($10 value)!


Got a funky smell in your soccer mom van? Try Smells Fresh. Need an essential oil to keep you alert on a long trip? Need to help someone through motion queasiness read up on Summer Breeze. Our family has been loving this AWESOME snap in car diffuser so I wanted to include it in one of our 12 Days of Christmas for you all to enjoy too!

diffuser promo

This adorable AND high functioning diffuser will come to you with 4 felt pads to allow you to rotate aromas (colors will vary) for **FREE** with the purchase of any Scentsable Health Diffuser Blend.

diffuser promo back

The easy to snap back holds onto your vents securely but allows for easy removal too making it helpful to quiet the aroma if it is too strong, you need a break or are following the recommended 30 minutes of exposure, 30 minutes of clear air.

diffuser promo open

Select a blend, put a few drops (2-4) onto one of your felt circles and place it inside the diffuser. The top closes securely with a magnet so no worries about loosing those circles!

diffuser promo closed

Snap into your vent and enjoy! If you need a boost of aroma, simply turn your air/heat up.


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