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Day 5 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Everyone but you will dread those empty stockings this year! Fill them with well-being and love saving yourself some money with today’s deal on roll on sets!


As a mom and trained aromatherapist (but mostly as a mom) I always appreciate when someone takes that extra step to give me a helping hand at life. When Scentsable Health was born 4 years ago, that was my intent. To help moms and families just like me with safe products that took out the guess work. To celebrate that today I am offering 20% off all roll on sets! All our roll ons are pre-diluted to safe dilutions appropriate for the need they were designed to support.

The Feel It Trio for example is a collection of pre-diluted 3 roll ons targeting a spectrum of emotional support needs like worry, fear, grief, busy brain, disappointment, intentionality, courage, confidence and more. It comes with an awesome laminated card detailing ways you can get the most benefit from these blends.

Tummy Trio is one of my favorite sets for families. Each pre-diluted roll on comes in a 1oz easy-to-use bottle and are specifically created with essential oils that support the digestive system; whether it is functioning too fast, too slow, or completely stopped. This set also comes with a laminated card so you’re educated in which blend will be most effective when. It is a GREAT gift set for a mom with littles!

We’ve already sang the praises of the Red Tent Collection. This is the complete set of blends specifically designed to support female mental, emotional and physical well-being at every stage of life. An incredible gift to those about to join the “red tent community”! I wish I would have had it in my teen years!

Tiny Duo is a must for every new mom supporting two of the most common needs in little ones. Every. Single. One. Lil’ Teeth (safe for application after 3 months) eases the discomfort of teething safely and you can even download this PDF to gift with it! Tiny Ears (safe for application after 6 months, use Lil’ Teeth until then around the ears too!), well, they get stopped up from time to time. This blend helps support productive and calm ear function and we have a PDF for use of this blend too. Both are pre-diluted and family safe!

Don’t forget to use code: STOCKINGS20 when you’re checking out!


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