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Day 4 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Calling all my Ladies & Gents! Today’s offer is just for you!

I’m pretty sure all the ladies who have ever used Red Tent Body when Aunt Flo visits will tell you it’s a game changer. Feel a little down during your cycle or maybe you’ve embarked on the change of life try Brighten. Need an energy boost, try Red Tent Heart. The Red Tent Series was created to specifically connect with women no matter what space they are in.

Don’t worry, we have our DUDES covered too! Whether bearded, unruly bearded or clean shaven we have care products that smell AH-MAZING while they nourish. Stick one in their stocking along with an all natural DUDE-LY Aroma you both will enjoy!

Enjoy all the DUDE and Red Tent Series products at 20% off today only! Be sure to use code LADIESGENTS20 when you check out!


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