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Celebrating Your Steps

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Celebrating is rarely something we do half-hearted. You either celebrate well or likely don’t celebrate at all. I fell into the latter camp and let me tell you, seeing that reality last year was a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t mean to not celebrate well, but much of how we celebrate is a learned lifestyle. Another way to put it is like we talked about in the first Intention Challenge blog. I didn’t know my WHY for celebrating! I celebrate my husband and my kids like a rockstar but rarely remembered birthdays or anniversaries of others. Holidays…terrified me. What I learned through this internal scope was that I wanted to celebrate and I needed to learn how. (Celebration was even one of the blends for our GoodScents Subscription box last year! Part of a personal challenge to keep learning this beautiful art.)

Here’s the truth: Celebration builds confidence and momentum. 

So here is what I encourage you to do, celebrate. Each step you move through toward your goal, celebrate. Don’t wait until the end (although you can celebrate there too!) celebrate the movement to build your confidence and continue your momentum. Make the journey fun! This goes a long way in re-training your brain in a positive way to respond to goals and working toward your dreams.

Kinda like that reverse psychology we use with kids sometimes.

Intention Prompt #4:

Celebrate the steps

It doesn’t need to be a massive party every step, but what is something small you can say,”Hey self, I’m proud of you and I want to celebrate this!” I’ll take you through a personal one. I’m in the beginning stages of a dream that I’ve set to reach by April of this year. It’s a pretty decent size one too which means my movement has to be intentional and intense. It is also crucial for my personality type and work style to have trusted spaces to bounce ideas off of that will give me quick thoughtful responses that help me have a different perspective than my own, which is my tribeAs I reached the first check point and needed to celebrate the movement I had made myself a cup of my favorite tea, grabbed my heated neck wrap, my current “nerd read” and took a whole hour one night just to relax, inspire and recharge. See? Celebrating this didn’t cost me money, filled my heart, let me rest and will help me continue momentum! I loved these other free, fun ideas to celebrate your steps. Post below and tell me your favorite ways to celebrate!


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