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Intentional Movement

Many times in my life I have asked where in the 18″ journey between my head and my heart or the 36″ journey between my heart and my hands did a beautiful thing get completed, or lost? We talked about how setting intentions delivers the drive to carry them out but what if that is […]

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Scentsable Health B-I-N-G-O!

We wanted to give you more opportunities to save this year during the 25 Days of Christmas, so we created a fun, interactive BINGO card! First, download the PDF Bingo Card or the Mobile Bingo Card. All the instructions are on the bottom of the card in case you forget! With every purchase during the […]

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25 Days of Christmas 2018

Can you believe it’s Christmas time again?! For the 2018 season we decided to bring back the 25 Days of Christmas which means for you, our Scentsable Friends, a different deal on one of our handcrafted, organic aromatherapy products everyday! This year we will kick off on Thanksgiving Day (11/22) and our last day will […]

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Day 10 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Boost your immune system safely and productively with today’s deal from BerryGood Organics and Scentsable Health! While we don’t hold to the “no, never, ever” for ingestion of essential oils, we support and recognize there is a time, place and extensive training involved to safely and accurately utilize oral administration of essential oils. It’s not […]

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Day 9 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Winter is a beast. Longer nights, shorter days, less time for our skin in the sunshine as the temperatures drop and we bundle up tight or stay indoors. Don’t let the change in seasons put a damper on your mood! Today’s deal showcases some of our best mood-lifting, negativity fighting, sunshine diffusing blends. Choose two […]

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Day 8 – 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Send those yuck-o germs packin’! Today you can have some of the Scentsable Health favorites all in one kit PLUS our best-selling respiratory support salve Breathin’ Helper **FREE**! The Power Pack has been a hit with families since it’s release. Who doesn’t love a pack of family safe blends and a laminated safety & use […]

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