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Essential Oil Safety for Pregnancy

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and small children are all fragile times. Using essential oils safely during these times is especially important. Research is continuing in the area of pregnancy to determine what, how much and the effects of essential oils on the growing child if any but it is known that constituents can cross the placenta and have […]

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Dilute It!

Dilution carries many benefits from added therapeutic value by using different carrier oils to making those golden drops of essential oils go further! Dilution also depends on the issue you want to address, the oil(s) being used and the age of the recipient. Below are some suggestions but please feel free to contact Shannon with any […]

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Essential Oil Safety for Children

Using essential oils safely not only keeps the user free from harmful side effects but promotes quicker healing! Essential oil use on children is one area to be cautious and that is what this post is dedicated to!   Essential oils high in menthol and/or 1,8-cinole such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint should be used with care […]

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