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Finding the Right Aromatherapy Respiratory Support

It’s that time of year where plugged airways, constant hacking and unhappy sinus’ abound. Whether you’re plagued by dry space or overly wet mucus trying to get out of your system, essential oils can have a huge impact on respiratory restoration and comfort. Let’s take a look at some common respiratory support techniques, their pros […]

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Celebrating Your Steps

Celebrating is rarely something we do half-hearted. You either celebrate well or likely don’t celebrate at all. I fell into the latter camp and let me tell you, seeing that reality last year was a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t mean to not celebrate well, but much of how we celebrate is a learned lifestyle. […]

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Intention Check Points

When I first started approaching things in my life with this process, setting my why and nailing down the how, I was amazed at how achievable things became. Dreams became tangible. I wasn’t daunted by endless to dos keeping me stuck in dream land where anything is possible…I started living these things in real life! […]

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Intentional Movement

Many times in my life I have asked where in the 18″ journey between my head and my heart or the 36″ journey between my heart and my hands did a beautiful thing get completed, or lost? We talked about how setting intentions delivers the drive to carry them out but what if that is […]

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