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Essential Oils and Food Allergies

Food allergies. We all have them. The tingly tongue, nervous energy from out of the blue, brain fog, unexplained fatigue, hives, aches…the list goes on. While I’m not going to post about how to eliminate food allergies I am going to share a testimony of someone I recently helped after they were accidently exposed to one of their allergens. Essential oils are amazing and really work!

My daughter has a wheat allergy that has resurfaced. Newly detoxed, she oopsed and ate a pickle. The vinegar must have been distilled from wheat (not labeled as such). These errors are usually a three day tour of misery. Shannon suggested Digize in coconut oil and applied topically on her stomach to help the food move along and soothe her gut. She also suggested peppermint ingested in tea to help with fatigue and brain fog and lavender on the soles of her feet and the back of the neck to eleviate her nerve spasms. Shortly after these applications, her brain fog cleared up and the neurological symptoms abated (shaking and the feeling of nerves on fire). Curious, I thought I would suggest┬áDigize to my husband who has leftover issues from a very grueling course of medication that was unavoidable. The prescribed meds for this don’t always alleviate the leftovers. He applied a drop of Digize in coconut oil and the symptoms abated for him, too. The use of essential oils in these instances resulted in great results, quickly!

I love seeing such relief and comfort from essential oils!



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